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Thank you for your interest in Gimnasio Los Portales as an option for your daughter´s education.

Be · Do · Transcend

Gimnasio Los Portales educates women leaders to have a sense of service and responsibility as they become global citizens.

Protagonists of their own learning process by means of an international baccaulaureate curriculum, emphasizing in value formation, led by Christian/Catholic faith principles and based upon family + school team, the school accompanies them and provides them with the relevant tools for life.

Our Campus

The location of Gimnasio Los Portales allows girls to be surrounded by a natural and healthy environment, which inspires them to continuously create, discover and learn.

The school´s harmonious and inspirational environment provides the perfect balance between nature and educational experience.

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International Curriculum · IB

We are 1 of the 2 female schools in Colombia which offers the International Baccalaureate Program.

¿What are the benefits of the International Baccalaureate Program (IB)?

Lifelong Learning

Develop skills that empower children and youngsters to continue learning during their whole life, through relevant experiences within real contexts.

Independence and Positive Interdependency

Provides great benefits for personal and academic education, since it strengthens the value of responsibility, besides planning, underlying, evaluating and reflecting upon each decision.

Critical Thinking

Learning through the discovery and curiosity of the world. Development of critical thinking to encourage the search for new information and arguments.

Education in Language and Bilingualism

Gimnasio Los Portales believes that deepening in the mother tongue, acquiring a second language (English) and significantly progressing in learning a third language (French), broadens the students´ cultural horizons.

Interpersonal Relationships

This curriculum framework, together with its academic rigorousness, generates safe and flexible learning environments where students self-regulate and learn to work in teams, thereby reaching ideas and interests while respecting each person´s uniqueness.

International Curriculum

Possibility to obtain an international certification, which contributes to have an exchange between institutions and academic mobilization. Gimnasio Los Portales belongs to the world of IB schools in Bogota. Our school offers three programas of the continuum.

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We promote the discovery and exploration of daily life experiences, which will encourage your daughter to create innovative ideas.


Your daughter will achieve security to project a broad and critical thinking in the face of global contemporary challenges.


It is key to ensure that families and school are integrated during the educational process.


Your daughter´s education will be based upon values such as integrity, humility, respect, solidarity and responsibility.


They will develop skills to conceive and strengthen their interpersonal relationships, work in a collaborative manner and resolve conflicts.

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