Our Identity

Gimnasio Los Portales was founded on June 1th, 1987


Gimnasio Los Portales was founded on June 1, 1987 bound by a shared ideal of a group of parents and their concern for their daughters´ education.  Their objective was to create a school that offered academic excellence and a great conviction to educate students of integrity, self-confident, socially committed with the country´s social situation and truly skilled to face the challenges of the 21st century.

These are the reasons why Gimnasio Los Portales is among the best schools in Bogota and the country:

  • Value-based education
  • Comprehensive development of spiritual, emotional, cognitive and motive dimensions.
  • High academic standards
  • Certified implementation of the IB (International Baccalaureate) continuum programs
  • Bilingualism and international-mindedness
  • Courses organized in small groups
  • IT platform integrated with the academic proposal
  • School campus that calls for a learning experience: The environment as a third master


To contribute with the education of students leaders having a sense of service and responsibility as global citizens. Protagonists of their own learning process by means of an international curriculum focused on value-based education, guided by the principles of Christian/Catholic faith, accompanied by a family + school team, and equipped with significant life tools.




  • We are coherent and honest with what we think, say and do, aligned with the way our community acts.


  • We are aware of our strengths and limitations.  We work in our own continuous growth process by being capable of loving others as we love ourselves.


  • We treasure the differences and treat others as we expect to be treated.


  • We live to serve by having empathy with others and thinking about the common good and the construction of a fair society.


  • We independently respond to acquired commitments, accepting the consequences of our actions.


We nurture great persons:

Who always stand for what is right by being sensitive, and courageous.

We develop unique minds:

That think critically and have a singular and autonomous vision.

We nurture great leaders:

Who have the pragmatic skills to understand today’s challenges and appropriately adapt to future opportunities.


Discover the talent of each person to transform their world

By 2022 we will be acknowledged as a learning community that lives its values, service vocation, international mindset and open and innovative thinking.

By means of the Portales leadership, we will transcend our surroundings with social and environmental responsibility.



  • It symbolizes the doors of knowledge, framed by the path we follow during the years we are at school, educating ourselves as students of integrity and being aware that we build a society based on Catholic principles.  Our ever-present motto: “Being to serve”.


  • Represents the faith in a better world based on personal commitment, as action and service make us useful, give meaning to life and uplift our being.
  • Symbolizes the significance with which the students at Portales, assume their role as leaders, experiencing institutional values that allow them to impact their environment and leave a trace.
  • Represents love as the utmost pillar where the principles of Christian faith are consolidated and service vocation is experienced through our motto: “Being to Serve”. It also symbolizes the passion with which we assume knowledge. We participate in its creation through a reflective thinking process that invites us to build a fairer society.


Lyrics: Portales Familiy Segovia

Music: Master Chucho Vallejo


Igualdad, tolerancia y respeto a las formas de ser y pensar las altivas alumnas Portales nuestro himno vamos a entonar.


Fortaleza del saber, fortaleza del amor, fortaleza de superación a luchar por nuestro hogar a luchar por nuestro Dios a luchar por nuestra nación.


Con tesón, sacrificio y esmero nuestros padres unieron su esfuerzo dedicando su tiempo y su fuerza construyeron nuestra fortaleza. CORO…


De la mano de nuestros docentes formaremos la patria soñada un granito de arena seremos por lograr esa paz anhelada. CORO…


A formar mujeres integrales responsables con la sociedad orgullosas alumnas Portales nuestro lema sabremos llevar.

Queremos ser, para servir, para servir mejor, queremos ser, para servir, para servir mejor, queremos ser, para servir, para servir mejor, queremos ser, para servir, para servir mejor.