First Aid Service

The prime aim of the nursing staff at Gimnasio Los Portales is to provide first aid to students, school staff and visitors who might require it during the school day, offering a quality, timely and comprehensive service. To achieve this objective, the school has a professional nurse and a nurse aid who are at school during the day, and one of them stays after school hours during the student´s training sessions.

We have a infirmarie that are equipped to provide primary health care (first aid) as well as patient transfers, if applicable. In compliance with the current legal framework and thinking about the school´s safety, the school has an automated external defibrillator (AED).

Health care procedures are carried out based upon the student´s medical history, previously provided by the parents and contained in the student´s medical fact sheet. Hence, it is essential for parents to keep this medical fact sheet updated and to timely inform the school about any changes in their daughter´s health condition.

As per Article 13 of Law 911 of 2004, the nurse can only give medications upon the presentation of “the corresponding written, legible, correct and updated doctor´s prescription order.”