School Director

Beatriz Gómez de Durán

Our School Director is an Educator with a broad experience as a teacher and educational administrator.  She is characterized for her leadership, spirit-mind, organization and commitment.  She has a Bachelor´s Degree in Pre-School Education from Universidad Pedagógica Nacional and Master degree in Education with a Major in Management and Education Assessment, from Externado de Colombia University.

She has taught cooperative learning workshops for teachers, pedagogical strategies for bilingualism in pre-school and educational proposal inspired in the Reggio Emilia´s, Italy schools.  She has been invited as a panelist in mulitple academic conferences, forums and seminars.

Her great concern is to respect the learning process of each girl and strengthen her critical thought process, accompanied by their value development and ethical principles.  All of these must be uplifted on a daily basis and girls must stand out as women with character, confident and with the necessary skills to face the challenges of a globalized world.

She deeply believes that one of a teacher´s greatest responsibilities is contributing to women´s education so they become multipliers of a message of change and as the basis for social transformation.  Her work has been focused on providing opportunites for her students´ cognitive and emotional growth so they can live values as a measure of their success.

Education is the passport to the future, for tomorrow belongs to those who prepare for it today.