Go international immersion program

The advantages to be part of an immersion program go beyond practicing the second language acquired at school, it has to do with experiencing the culture, boosting creativity, and most importantly, opening new doors and horizons to understand the world with a wider international mindedness.PYP immersion in Canada takes place at Académie Ste-Cécile International School in Windsor, Canada. Students attend the elementary division for a month to experience an academic program with an emphasis on the core subjects such as Language, Arts, Math, Science and Social studies combined with music, arts, and Physical education. In addition to the classes, students have extra-curricular activities such as educational field trips, sightseeing, sports, entertainment, and visiting Niagara Falls and Toronto.

GoInternational – Canada Immersion Program enriches our students’ agency, fosters their social skills, teaches them how to understand others better, and nurtures their love for learning. 

Traveling the world when you know different cultures and languages means you feel at home anywhere you go!!