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Know More Our students prepare themselves to assume leadership activities, in the different dimensions of the being, capable of motivating and guiding teamwork to efficiently meet established goals. Empowered Women Leaders
Creatividad (en) Know More Creative and
Systemic Thinking
Our students develop a reflective, conceptual and creative thinking as a tool to analyze different contexts, from their own interconnections and as a way to generate new knowledge to transform each situation in multiple opportunities. Open-minded Women
Experiencias (en) Know More Arts and
We support our students in the development of their skills and talents, through their learning experiences via sports, cultural, artistic and recreational activities. Audacious and Balanced Women
Equipo (en) Know More Teamwork We promote the strengthening of adaptation skills, interpersonal relationships, conflict resolution and communication. Caring Women and
Good Communicators
Responsabilidad (en) Know More Social and
Implementation of pedagogical and environmental projects, through significant experiences, for the conservation and sustainability of natural resources and society. Audacious and Reflective Women

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Our assessments have enabled us to identify and maintain good biosafety practices and improve our day-to- day work. Our overall results have been very positive, mainly due to our community´s rigorousness in the adoption of biosafety measures and due precautions to avoid the spread of COVID19.

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Gimnasio Los Portales educates women leaders to have a sense of service and responsibility as they become global citizens.

Protagonists of their own learning process by means of an international baccaulaureate curriculum, emphasizing in value formation, led by Christian/Catholic faith principles and based upon family + school team, the school accompanies them and provides them with the relevant tools for life.

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The location of Gimnasio Los Portales allows girls to be surrounded by a natural and healthy environment, which inspires them to continuously create, discover and learn.

The school´s harmonious and inspirational environment provides the perfect balance between nature and educational experience.

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