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Portales 2022

Hace varios años empezamos a trabajar en el desarrollo de este proyecto que hoy es una feliz realidad, el cual iniciaremos solo en estos cursos de preescolar, paso a paso, de manera gradual.

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Be · Do · Transcend

Gimnasio Los Portales educates leaders to have a sense of service and responsibility as they become global citizens.

Protagonists of their own learning process by means of an international baccaulaureate curriculum, emphasizing in value formation, led by Christian/Catholic faith principles and based upon family + school team, the school accompanies them and provides them with the relevant tools for life.

Our Campus

The location of Gimnasio Los Portales allows girls to be surrounded by a natural and healthy environment, which inspires them to continuously create, discover and learn.

The school´s harmonious and inspirational environment provides the perfect balance between nature and educational experience.

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