¿Cómo aplicamos la educación STEM en Portales?

Este proyecto tiene como eje central, fortalecer las habilidades de nuestras estudiantes en estos campos, a travez  de la indagación.

Es un proyecto que refleja el compromiso que tenemos como institución en la formación de mujeres líderes capaces de transformar el mundo.

Beneficios de la educación STEM

  • Favorece el aprendizaje proactivo.
  • Entrena la resolución de problemas.
  • Facilita la retención de conceptos.
  • Integra el aprendizaje de las TICs.
  • Fomenta el trabajo en equipo.
  • Potencia las habilidades comunicativas.
  • Estimula la autoestima y la confianza.
  • Entrena el pensamiento lógico matemático.
  • Mejora la capacidad creativa y la imaginación.
  • Desarrolla la psicomotricidad fina.
  • Desarrolla la gestión emocional.

Welcome to STEAM at Portales.

At Portales, STEAM goes beyond developing skills in Science, Technology, Engineering and Math. It is a space for creating and fostering curiosity that encourages students to recognize their potential through the resolution of real problems and projects that impact their environment.

Meet the STEAM Team Portals

The STEM TEAM is a space full of innovation, camaraderie and teamwork, we have demonstrated all of this through different activities such as: dinosaur activity with preschool, activity with tenth and eleventh on the SDG of water and many others that will soon come , our purpose with all these activities is to empower girls to be enterprising, creative and dynamic women, and we hope that this team will make a great impact in the world, because this world needs the innovative ideas of children.

It is a space for experiences, where our students can let their imagination and creativity run wild, using the tools and devices provided by the STEAM project.

STEAM in Action

Healthy Cookbook

With this cookbook we want to invite you to try new and healthy recipes accompanied by your families.

My Vegan and Plant Based Project

Welcome to eat more plants, my vegan and plant based project. Here you will find some information about these lifestyles. At the end I hope you'll give a chance to yourself to try eating more plants.

Let's hear the voice of our students

How do we apply STEAM education in Portales?


Exploring and understanding the natural world. Developing a scientific method to find answers and solutions to the big questions we ask.


Understanding the why and how of ICT tools to solve problems and promote innovation.


Designing and constructing objects always thinking from a sustainable perspective.


Giving our students the freedom to harness the capabilities of STEM subjects


Studying ideas like structure, order, space, and change, using reason and a special system of symbols and rules for organizing them.

STEAM Education Benefits

  • Promotes proactive learning.
  • Train problem solving.
  • It facilitates the retention of concepts.
  • Integrates ICT learning.
  • Encourage teamwork.
  • Enhance communication skills.
  • Boosts self-esteem and confidence.
  • Train mathematical logical thinking.
  • Improves creative ability and imagination.
  • Develops fine motor skills.
  • Develop emotional management.

Es un espacio de experiencias, en donde nuestras estudiantes pueden dejar volar su imaginación y creatividad, utilizando las herramientas y dispositivos que nos brinda el proyecto STEM.